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Private Hire Vehicle Register

Licence NumberRegistration NumberOperator NameAccessibilityIssuedCommencesExpires
PV0438NC10 UYSS H Collections Acc Ltd t/a Max Cars Accrington Ltd08/04/202413/04/202412/10/2024
PV0053BG61 DYNS H Collections Acc Ltd t/a Max Cars Accrington Ltd12/04/202412/04/202411/10/2024
PV0309SA71 WXWAdam's Private Hire inc. Go Cars11/04/202411/04/202410/10/2024
PV0075YF19 ZNJR S Travel02/04/202411/04/202410/10/2024
PV0266MT64 LZRBetty's Private Hire11/04/202411/04/202410/10/2024
PV0285FR61 FYFK Cars Ltd11/04/202411/04/202410/10/2024
PV0295RV10 UDXBetty's Private Hire09/04/202411/04/202410/10/2024
PV0314DG19 DTNAdventure Private Transport11/04/202411/04/202410/10/2024
PV0152LD08 WDTBetty's Private Hire08/04/202410/04/202409/10/2024
PV0155OV12 YBLBetty's Private Hire28/03/202410/04/202409/10/2024
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